Analysis of the genomes of microbial samples could lead to enormous benefits for public health, clinical treatments and the study of infectious diseases.

Our goals with Mykrobe are:

  1. To build tools which provide precisely the information needed to enable diagnostic or treatment decisions in the clinic.
  2. To build enable public health workers, epidemiologists and researchers to study specific microbial samples, either in and of themselves, or in the context of global diversity.


Mykrobe is developed at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (University of Oxford) in Zamin Iqbal’s group, by himself and Phelim Bradley.

We collaborate closely with the labs of Derrick Crook/Tim Peto (John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford), David Buck and Gil McVean (both at Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford).

We are grateful for funding from the Nuffield Division of Medicine (Oxford), the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Society and the Li Ka Shing Foundation.